Preparing for Hurricane Irma in Florida

It is still too early to go into PANIC mode for people in Pinellas County, Florida, but it is important to have a plan in place. Hurricane Irma is moving towards Florida and it is time to make sure you have everything in order.

Most important is to protect your family and to get out of harm’s way.

Keep this to know where to call for assistance. This document contains information on shelters and
where to go in case of emergency. Take some time and review this for your own protection and

Here is the Pinellas County All Hazard Guide

We will also be providing a list of claim numbers, in the event you would need them.

Disaster Supply Kit

Stock up today and store in a water-resistant container.

Replenish as necessary:
• Two weeks supply of prescription medicines
• Seven day supply of non-perishable/special dietary foods
• Drinking Water/containers – 1 gal/per person/per day (minimum 7 days)
• Flashlights and (7 sets) batteries for each member of the family
• Portable radio and (7 sets) batteries
• First aid book and kit including bandages, antiseptic, tape, compresses, aspirin and aspirin-free pain reliever, antidiarrhea medication, antacid, Syrup of Ipecac (used to promote vomiting if advised by the Poison Control Center)
• Mosquito repellant & citronella candles
• Fire extinguisher (small canister, ABC type)
• Instant tire sealer
• Whistle and/or distress flag
• Two coolers (one to keep food; one to go get ice)
• Plastic tarp, screening, tools and nails, etc.
• Water purification kit (tablets, chlorine (plain) and iodine)
• Infant necessities (medicine, sterile water, diapers, ready formula, bottles)
• Clean-up supplies (mop, buckets, towels, disinfectant)
• Camera and film
• Non-electric can opener
• Extra batteries for camera, flashlights, radio, portable TV & lamps, etc.
• Garbage can or bucket with tight-fitting lid and kitty litter (for emergency toilet)
• Plastic trash bags
• Toilet paper, paper towels and pre-moistened towelettes or baby wipes

If you evacuate you also should take:
• Pillows, blankets, sleeping bags or air mattresses
• Extra clothing, shoes, eyeglasses, etc.
• Folding chairs, lawn chairs or cots
• Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
• Quiet games, books, playing cards and favorite toys for children
• Important papers and irreplaceable keepsakes (driver’s license, special medical information, insurance policies and property inventories, photographs)

Precious commodities before & after a storm:
• Cash (With no power, banks may be closed; checks and credit cards unaccepted, and ATMs may not be operational)
• Charcoal, Wooden Matches and Grill (Do not use indoors)
• Ice